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Apr 05, 2022 · Using Hyperion in Microsoft Edge. Thomas Bedford. April 05, 2022 02:58. 1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser and click on the Settings dropdown list (the three dots in the top right corner), then 'settings' on the list. 2. From the list of settings, choose 'Default Browser'. 3..

14275300 -- Column widths and row heights set in a Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting report is not honored by Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management when imported into Smart View..

Apr 29, 2017 · what (): Failed to parse configuration: * Line 2, Column 1. Syntax error: value, object or array expected. Aborted (core dumped) This is my log file : // Automatically generated configuration file for Hyperion ambilight daemon. // Notice: All values are explained with comments at our wiki: (config area).

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Feb 25, 2019 · * RGBTransform fix gamma adjustment of green, blue always taking red value This fixes hyperion-project#493 and is also present on the latest beta rework branch. * WIP: Mode change done * Add Aurora Integration * [UNTESTED] Add support for apa104 led type * fixed bitpair_to_byte table fixed end frame byte count * Fix timing in comments * Update Updated new webui port * Update .... For Visio: Type visio /safe, and click OK. If, word works properly do you need to disable add-ins: Go into Word / Excel/ PW: Click on File menu. Click Options. Click Add-ins..

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Feb 02, 2016 · We have several users experiencing intermittent login issues when trying to login to Workspace. This can result in 45 minute sessions of rebooting, clearing cookies, etc. to try and login properly. I believe some of these happen as soon as you login and others happen when users try to navigate for Reports via Explore..

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